Earth Needs Your Help!

You could be the leader of the "Rocket Brigade", an elite missile defense program that protects the earth from the oncoming alien threat. But do you have what it takes, to take on the enemy super weapons? Can you defeat the alien threat, and protect humanity from total annihilation?

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Do you have what it takes?

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If you've ever played Missile Defense style games in the old Arcades, Rocket Brigade is a fresh redesign of an old classic. There is a lot of content. You will find yourself playing hours of this addictive game. With simple tap and fire mechanics you will find how easy it can be to join the Rocket Brigade. With so many different enemies to face, and the alien super weapons ready to destroy Earth, we'll need people like you to help us! You are just the person we need to stop the Alien threat! We even have an Endless Simulation mode; where you can play for hours, trying to get the greatest score to impress your friends. It only gets faster and harder. Once you get through 20 minutes of endless mode, you'll be ready to smash the Whale Mothership like a half empty carton of chocolate milk against a double wheeled, 7-ton diesel powered road roller. (Like seriously, don't look into it, just try to imagine splatting a half full chocolate milk container with your fist or something, it's going to be that easy when you get that good.)


Look... I don't see any badges on your uniform. You probably couldn't earn a rank if you tried. Actually, forget it, you need not download this game. You couldn't handle it anyways. I'm sure we can find someone else to pick it up, and save Earth from total annihilation. We don't need maggots like you. I bet you couldn't get through easy mode without sucking your thumb and crying for your mommy (which by the way, you need your free hands to play the game!). Go on, go find some other game. Get back to your Grumpy Birds, Clash of Guilds, or whatever Sissy Card Games you people play now days. Come back when you got what it takes to play this game.

~**So... Reverse Phycology didn't work?**~

Okay okay... look. Give this game a shot. The game is completely FREE! I'm sure you won't be disappointed. You'll come back a general, and you'll impress your friends. I have faith in you. Earth needs heroes like you. Be the guy to save it from the Alien threat.

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